sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2016

Time to leave (again)

Airport life is not my cup of tea (forget lounges and free shops, enticing as they might be, they're not really worth the discomforts of stop-overs and long-haul flights). Airports are, instead, a necessary gate to the wonderful dimension we call travel; a thorn that reminds us of the beauty that follows the hardship.
To continue our all-American coast-to-coast roadtrip we needed to start where we had left off. To Houston we went (well, flew to be more precise). How exciting to be on the verge of leaving everything else behind and just go. Go. And how liberating to know that there would be no Tesla-decisions to be made this time around (or would there?).
 Happy, as happy can be, we took off. Hoorray!!!

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