segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2015

The journey starts

Some say there are Instagram husbands, I say there are Tesla-wives. I am one.
My husband's über-love for Tesla has provided me with ample opportunities to exercise my ungift at photography, scour Tesla shops in search for anything not car-related, force myself to knowing what superchargers are and understand that, in this whole wide world of ours, there are ludicrous speeds, insane modes, a ton of Tesla aficionados in Norway and cars with falcon wings that do not belong in Star Wars. Not loving cars in general and not much conversant with Teslas in particular, I found myself sharing my life with Tesla-moments (in virtually infinite quantities and always more than I had, could, ever have anticipated).

Ironic as it gets, I have also come to believe that Tesla is just the best car ever made although I seldom share this view with my husband for fear of unleashing the beast, an engineer PhD grabbing all chances to speak Engineering (eat your heart out Sheldon Cooper 'cause you don't stand a chance!).

Out and about with my husband, either chasing superchargers or engaging in some Tesla-like activity (whatever that is), this is what I look like: a woman musing over her infinite patience and still flummoxed by the fact that Tesla happened to her.

This blog happens as a sort of mirror to my husband's own "On the road with Tesla", a road I sometimes happen to share, and because I sense there's not much of a feminine voice writing about Tesla. Join me as I embark on a journey that will take me throughout the Tesla galaxy and beyond...

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  1. Great opening. Love the perspective.
    You may find my musings funny too: