sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2016

Baton Rouge, LA, and a buffalo burger

It was hot... very hot. We were tired... very tired. Going to Alexandria proved a long day of driving (conventional, as I now need to explain). It was the early detour to Sliddel then the hours-long drive to Alexandria and on our way back to New Orleans, where he had set headquarters for three days, we still wanted to go to the supercharger in Baton Rouge, the state's capital.
More than the driving, it was the heat that knocked us down. My husband drove us from New Orleans to Alexandria. I drove us back and for more than once I had to fight the temptation to doze off. Luckily we got to Baton Rouge unscathed and the supercharger made for a glorious "by night" moment.
The temperature was divine and nearby there was a gourmet burger joint where we were treated to our very first buffalo burgers ever: deliciously yummy (even for non burger lovers)!
It was another great day chasing superchargers. I might add further that Tesla knows where to place its superchargers. I mean, leaving the beasts charging while we indulge in buffalo burgers, how good does it get?

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