sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016

Tesla-free day in New Orleans

Being on the road with Tesla also means we get to enjoy Tesla-free days. On a coast-to-coast roadtrip chasing superchargers we get the odd day out when Tesla is not on the road.
Embracing our time in New Orleans meant discovering its history, strolling along Bourbon Street and the French Quarter, having a go on a steamboat navigating the mighty Mississippi and, yes, for the girl in me, a bit of shopping (why not?).
Being out on the road is all about sipping in the local culture, taking it in from the third-person perspective of the wandering traveller. It's pausing to contemplate otherness in the face. Yes, New Orleans is a whole world unto itself, a crossroads of a multicultural heritage that makes it so unique.
A place where Life and Death coexist in peaceful harmony. Truly and thoroughly enjoyed it!

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