quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2016

At the National Agriculture Exhibit

Before and besides being a Tesla-wife I am a farmer. Long before I sat in über-modern Tesla Model Ss, tractors were my old-time pals. I still don't see Teslas doing what tractors do... This year I took the Tesla-husband to the Portuguese National Agriculture Exhibit: a monumental exhibition of all things farming-related, from the latest high-tech gizmo for seed sowing to the most traditional wine-making methods. A blast if you're, like me, into this kind of thing. Acres upon acres of pavillions and outdoor exhibitions and shows. And who or what took me there? The Tesla-Creature, who or what else?
Funny thing to go to a place where Tesla ancestors are king, where the old meets the future-forward, where horses and tractors steal the show, and to go there on an all-electric vehicle that tops its generation. I couldn't help think about the coincidence.
At the end of the day, I believe the Tesla-aficionado also enjoyed the experience...
Mr. Elon Musk, I know there's a lot on your plate right now but you know there's this other whole market for which we could use all-electric vehicles?

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