terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2016

Break on through to the other side

When you're in Portugal, the other side implies crossing the Tagus and thus enter the South. We did just that a few days ago and took the Model S south of the north-south divide imposed by the mighty Iberian river. We crossed the Tagus in Lisbon at the 25th April Bridge (that some say looks pretty similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco). After that, South it is.
We had no particular plans and it was unexpectedly that we found ourselves at the lighthouse in Cape Espichel.
The loneliness of the place was probably what inspired people to build a pilgrimage site there and so, totally out of the blue (for me, at least), there it was: a monastery right next to the lighthouse.

But I mean, when the views are so incredible, it's hardly any wonder that people may feel inclined to contemplation in search of the Divine...

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