sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2016

Day 2: Gruene, Texas

There's something about roadtrips across the American south that calls for good ol' country music. I don't know why, it just is. and I don't know if the feeling affects other folks, it does me. Last year we were told that the Texan capital of country is Gruene in New Braunfels so I knew immediately this year we would have to go to Gruene and to Gruene we went.
A very touristy kind of place very proud of its country soul and its German ancestry (obviously, Gruene is "green" or Grün in German). I told someone I was born in Germany and instantly we were like fellow citizens of a common origin.
 There was some country music scene in the Gristmill patio but I confess I had been expecting a tad more country playing. Never mind. By the time I was halfway through the buffallo wings I had ordered for dinner, my mind was only thinking about my burning tongue and my crying eyes and why I had had the stupidest idea of saying I'm ok with hot, spicy food. I'm not!!

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