quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2016

Day 2: Where in Houston?!

Ok, it kinda made sense: last year we ended our all-American roadtrip at the Houston-North Tesla Store and you may guess I conceded in going there (again) as a kickstart to this year's trip. It was Sunday and we got there real early. I was safe, I thought. The store would be closed, there would be no one around. It was just a picture for the records and we'd be gone in a nick of time. Easy, hum?
Not quite...
We did take the (our) usual pictures. I even managed to take his photo right between the ICE we were driving and a white Model S that was charging and that looks like his. It was all going great for me and I already anticipated the wide open road, the deserts and all the Tesla-free places we were going this year.
It was all going smooth (for me). Too smooth...

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