sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2016

And what were we doing in Alexandria, Louisiana?

You know History Channel's "Cajun Pawn Stars?" Well, we're fans and I had a minor business proposition for them, a thing of long-lost pasts I wanted to get rid of with a major goodbye and good riddance! Since we were in Louisiana, why not go there? Besides, they have the General Lee at the door, that relic of a time EVs were not even a thing of science fiction and a proud symbol of Dixie. O, "The Dukes of Hazzard"... Who doesn't remember?
They were all there the DeRamus. Hospitable beyond words. For our amusement, they roleplayed being in the show and appraised what I had brought to sell. I got ten bucks out of the deal when I had asked for fifty cents! Who would have thought? What a great afternoon!
They showed us around, told us great stories and, hey, Jimmie DeRamus even played the mobster with this yours truly Tesla aficionado. Don't they look neat?
What a fabulastic break on a day chasing superchargers. Morning saw us in Sliddel, the evening would lead us to yet another supercharger. I'll get back to that shortly...
To the DeRamus family at Silver Dollar Pawn and Jewelry Center in Alexandria, Louisiana, our heartfelt gratitude for such warm welcome and a time well spent. We felt like royalty. To Jimmie, Tammie and Johnnie: thank you!

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