domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

We and the Tesla on TV

One of these days, I reckon, the Creature will be giving autographs...
With electrifying gratitude to the amazing people at Portuguese RTP3 who develop Central Parque, a weekly info magazine on all things new, tech and trending, here are some snapshots of the wonder Tesla-trio on TV.
Credits, credits, credits to fab reporter Filipa Gambino, who spent a whole Saturday afternoon shooting with us and managed to compress and edit all those hours into an elegant 3-odd minute piece, to veteran journalist-extraordinaire Pedro Rolo Duarte and to Joana Stichini Vilela for bringing us a programme that is a pleasure to watch.
 The topic of the programme was "The Internet of Things"and Tesla is definitely the cherry on top of the internet of things cake, the leader of the gang, the alpha-creature of the pack, you know where I'm going with this...
The Tesla Model S aficionado got to go on spreading the Tesla-word to the Gentiles.
Even this here blog of mine fabulousness and intense vida loca was featured. But, of course, it was all about the Creature.
Central Parque, February 13, 2016 edition on RTP3.
Available here, check us and the Creature at minute 28:28.

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  1. Tecnologia incrível e fascinante. O Futuro agora, nas mãos de dois apresentadores apaixonados pela "criatura".