domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

Slidell, Louisiana: Back to chasing superchargers

After all the merriment of the last couple of weeks (and the Creature giving autographs and posing for the cameras), I feel like going back to a past of wonders when Tesla came our way.
If you recall, we had just made it to New Orleans and, of course, having been to all superchargers from there to Florida, it was only expectable (notice I'm not saying normal...) that we had to go chase superchargers (some people chase rainbows) in Louisiana.
On this particular day, we wanted to go to Alexandria, LA, for purposes you'll later find out, so stay put. It so happens that Alexandria is some 200 miles/320kms, Northwest of New Orleans. Logic has it that if you want to go Northwest, then Northwest you go, right? Not quite so.
Chasing superchargers you sometimes find that the road to go from A to B also detours to Z. And so we detoured East and Eastbound we crossed Lake Pontchartrain on our way Northwest. Why East? Because, just after you cross the Lake, there's a supercharger in Slidell, what else?
And so, on the fine morning of the fine day I wanted to go to Alexandria I found myself on a spot on the map with a name slightly resembling "slider" (mine with cheese and a slice of pickled cucumber, please).

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