quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2016


Actually, I might get the axe from the Tesla and EV aficionados just by applying the ludicrous word fuelling to an all-electric context. But old habits and words die hard and charging, that word of correctness, is not yet firmly embedded in my vernacular. Still, on a supercharger no-zone what other choices does one have than resorting to what the locals have to offer?
Charging stations in Portugal are few and thin on the ground. And slow, did I mention slow? How I miss those delicious superchargers back in the States. When, you Tesla folks with the decision power, when will there be superchargers in this no-zone?
Forget the smile, it was the excitment of finding a charging station in the middle of the highway, what I really want is a supercharger network asap. Let me reiterate: I-want-a-supercharger-network-a-s-a-p, get it?

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  1. Poisvteremos, um dia, espera-se q breve, e qto mais formos a exigir, melhor, well done!