quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

Into Sweet Home Alabama

And now that the festive season is over and the new year is here in full swing, let's resume at where we were in our all-American road trip.
Leaving Florida on interstate 10 (boy were we eager to do interstate 10!) and having stopped in DeFuniak Springs, the last supercharger before the state line, we entered that Sweet Home Alabama (take a bow Lynyrd Skynyrd although my heart's a sucker for Kid Rock's All Summer Long...). It was going to be our longest stretch yet: out of Florida, cross Alabama and Mississippi to get to Louisiana, all in one gigantic, seemingly never-ending day.
Stiffling heat and the first and only stop in Alabama: Mobile.
And Tesla brightly anticipating that when you get out of Florida on I10 what you really want is get to Louisiana and you need to refuel somewhere in Alabama. Bang, enter Mobile. The heat was so insufferable I kept reminding Rev. King's line "sweltering with the heat of oppression" because only someone who has endured the heat of the Deep South can aptly define it. But the heat accounted for no one in sight which gave me five minutes of posing without the shame of being the ludicrous Tesla-wife.
I even did a Marie Antoinette... (good grief).

Well, "Vive la Révolution" and it's time to hit the road again and on to Mississippi.

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