segunda-feira, 10 de julho de 2017

Day 4: Big Bend National Park, Texas

When I said I wanted to go to Big Bend National Park, I was far from anticipating all the zillion border police checkpoints and patrols. "WelcomeTo southern Texas, M'am!", I heard in one of the times we were stopped by the police (we were also stopped for speeding while escaping an angry dear mom and baby and my passport having differing nationality and citizenship does not exactly work on my favour...). Anyway, enforcers of the rule of law aside and we made it to Big Bend National Park just to discover why it is that it is one of the least visited American national parks and a jewel worth discovering (more on posts to come). It "is" remote, very remote. Then the border patrol ordeals are not exactly enticing and on top of that you can only find very limited lodging options and all far from the park. We stayed in Alpine, which, like everything else on this part of the country, is a remote place, a very remote place.
Big Bend here we are!

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