quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

Day 4: The Rio Grande (on the Mexican border)

So, this is the rio Grande? Hm... I thought it was blue. Well, at least this is the rio Grande as it meanders through Big Bend National Park. This is the iconic river bordering the US and Mexico. The border so depicted in Hollywood cowboy movies (and now the infamous site of a wall-to-be that won't be). The heat is on the threshold of unbearable but the place is evocative of pasts and presents. This is, after all, the borderland and many things are associated with the idea of a border. I bring my own thoughts and the imagery that formed in my mind over the years. Yes, I thought the river was blue and shallow. I also thought there was going to be people here but there's only me and the Tesla-loving guy I bring along. I got the heat right, though.
I still want to see more of this river and of this border...

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  1. Is movie image.
    I imagine that a herd might come from the other side.
    Pay attention. Enjoy!
    Beijos de Portugal