segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

Day 5: Fort Davis, Texas

Going to west Texas and not visiting a fort is missing out on what made frontier life back in the day when a frontier was being made and fought for. As we discovered, there aren't those many forts left. We Europeans think of Texas as the land of forts and cowboys and naively imagine they are abundant and well-preserved. Turns out only a few remain. To mythical Fort Davis we went.
We think of Fort Davis as the sort of ultimate, über fort. Hollywood has helped instil this image, much as it helped create the myth of The Alamo. However, Fort Davis no longer has the sould of a fort. It is a museum, an attraction and it is hard to imagine it as it originally was. What is not difficult to grasp is how difficult life must have been at the forts. I take  amental bow for all those pioneers who endured the heat, the wilderness, the lack of modern comforts and medicine, constant raids and fear. Thinking about those souls makes one think we're all wimps.
For the Tesla-geek and geek of all things geek in general, the interpretation center at Fort Davis was full of 19th-century technology. On the age of internet it was fun to see Morse-code in action (to think that my husband knows Morse is actually mind-blowing).
I thought Fort Davis was going to be a crowded place with hordes of tourists just like the Alamo but, with no one other than us in sight, we used an old mirror for a quite modern selfie. Come think of it, coming to Fort Davis was experiencing how time has so monumentally changed. Here we are in the comforts of the present looking back behind the looking-glass to a time when "selfie" was not even a word...

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