quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2016

He had to go to Alcorochel

Roots are roots... His grandfather gave money to build the church tower of his family birth place. He never lived there, the Tesla aficionado, but he had to go because he had to go. There was this sense he had to show me the place and he had to show the place to the Tesla-Creature living with us. We went along.
The place is Alcorochel and I'm guessing the name is some ancient linguistic legacy of the time the Iberian Peninsula was the al-Andaluz after the Moorish Invasions way, way back in the 8th century AD. The village church (seen from a distance) is probably the only landmark worthy of the name in Alcorochel but it makes for a nice Saturday outing if you want to test the impressive range of a Tesla Model S.
I confess I stress over range but looking at my happy face, no one would guess it. And no one would guess it because there simply is little cause for range anxiety when the EV in question is a Model S. Kudos to the brainiacs at Tesla for coming to the aid of a Tesla-wife and developing an EV that has the range of a conventional ICE minus the CO2 emissions!

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  1. My Grandfather installed the bell in the new church tower with his hands and craftsmanship. Each time I see it I can't imagine all the work and effort.