sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2016

The windmills of the gods meet the Model S

Up on the wuthering heights, we found the windmills. Freezing cold piercing through your every layer of clothing. But what's that to stop you when you meet the gods of wind, of invention and of tech?
First, there came the gods of wind, Atlantic, fierce and powerful. But the gods of invention harnessed and tamed them and windmills were born to help Man on the path to survival and progress.
When survival and progress were a given, the gods of tech made their way to the wuthering heights and wind turbines started to dot the land in Man's quest for energy, clean, affordable, modern energy. We took the Tesla Model S to meet the gods.
A befitting acquaintace: the super modern EV meeting the super modern wind turbines and their ancestors and all this just outside our house. How cool is that?
For your better judgement, here the gods of past and present-future: the quaint, old windmill and the blasting wind turbine.

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