segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

Kingdom by the Sea

We don't quite live in a kingdom. It's more of a republic but, let's face it, "Republic by the Sea" does not have half the allure of kingdom and "republicdom" was pushing the envelope far beyond literary elegance. Besides, not that I like Edgar Allen Poe particularly but I have a crush on Paul Theroux. It was his Kingdom by the Sea (1983) which once led me to experience the coasts of Britain only to be assured that the Portuguese coastline is more impressive, more diverse and way less invaded by those infamous boardwalks that really kill the joys of the sea and the beach.
So maybe we don't live in a kingdom by the sea but we definitely live in a kingdom of the sea. The sea is our passion, our essence and our History. The sea is Summer, freedom and contemplation. The sea is and has always been our manifest destiny. With this thought in mind, why not introduce the Model S to the sea? And the sea to the this high-tech land Creature?
For its maiden voyage to the sea, we decided to take the Model S to a beach nearby. The day was beckoning and the beach deserted. Heaven.
It is called Praia Azul, Blue Beach, an apt, beffiting designation although, by the silvery reflexes on the water, one might also appropriately call it Beach of Silver. And the sunset... I leave the words for you.

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