quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2016

Where did we take EV-Sales?

I might be getting a tad repetitive here but... EV-Sales came to visit and we took the Tesla and them to? Right, the forts! We just can't help it, the views are gorgeous and we want to share our little corner of the world (it's the generosity in us).
But let me tell you, EV-Sales were brave! Boy, were they! The weather powers above conspired against us and the day was windy, chilly and bleak. Still, nothing that deterred EV aficionados and a Tesla-wife from facing the elements with a smile on their faces.
We even have Zé Pontes and Dulce to thank for taking us the rare couple picture. O, and guess what is complementing this yours truly Tesla-wife's outfit? My fabulastic Tesla tote, the Aurland tote I got as a Christmas present when the Model S arrived. Doesn't it suit me just fine?

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