segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2016

Sunset in Santa Cruz (Portugal)

Venturing where no Tesla has ventured before, we set off to yet another nearby beach. We are sunset lovers who once drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon just to watch the sun go down in fiery glory behind the majestic red cliffs.
In a country facing west to the ocean, we are sure to be treated to some of the most impressive sunsets in the world. To Santa Cruz we went.
Worth every single second despite the crispness of the late afternoon ocean breeze. It's at times like these we cannot help but think that that glorious disc in the sky has always made an impact of awe in our species.
On such a lovely setting, it's also worth noticing the dawn of a new era, one of sun-loving technology so extraordinarily embodied by Tesla, whose symbol I've captured rising over the horizon like some alien spaceship coming to take us over.
Counting my blessings, how could I not be grateful for living in a country of sunset galore and for the privilege of being a first-person witness to the dawn of this new era?
Immensely grateful...

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  1. It looks like ( you ) having suddenly discovered a new world, i e places never seen, never looked at or heard about... Tesla creatures make miracles of awareness ! Am I right ?