sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2015

A Merry Tesla Christmas

Once Tesla finds a way into your life, things are bound to become a bit Tesla-crazy.
For Christmas, I gave my husband a link, via text message, with this blog. The darn'd thing is he has two mobile phones and I sent the message to the one he was not using. Then I sent another one but, for all my sins, the blog was misspelt and it was only at the third attempt that he finally got the SMS. Ludicrous!
For Christmas, he finally got his Model S. It arrived safe and sound on the 23 and not before my husband went to Holland to personally oversee the car being "expedited" to Portugal. He got on a plane back home and, through the app he was constantly monitorng the process (a stress if you ask me).
For Christmas, he also thought he deserved a Tesla cap (suits him alright). And what about me? What did I get out of all this insane mode? I got the Aurland Tote to go with my Tesla-wife status. Oh, and yes, the tote got the name of a supercharger in..., right, Norway. It seems they live la Tesla vida loca up there.

Happy Christmas, y'all!

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