quarta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2015

Miami-Marathon-Key West

There was a plan, a quite simple one, actually: to do the first leg of a coast-to-coast road trip. We would start the journey in Miami, have a viapoint in Key West and then circumdrive the Gulf of Mexico up to Texas to end in Houston, where we would resume the trip next year.
However, as it so often happens, plans are meant to be unplanned. My husband was considering placing an order for a Model X but the car was only going to be out in the market in October, which meant that it would take much, much longer to get to Europe and he was impatient. Besides, those falcon wings were unappealing to both of us and we could imagine that the price for a Model X was going to be, well..., ludicrous. Because I'm a sufferer of range-anxiety (I never let my tank below half its capacity), we thought the Thought: why not do as we had intended but with a twist? We would make our road trip based on the super-charger network that exists in the U.S., that is, we would coincide the stretches of the road trip with the super-chargers along the way. Long story short, there was a super-charger right in the middle of the Overseas Highway on our way to Key West.
And so, despite driving conventional, which I now know better to call ICE (internal combustion engine), we role-played owning a Tesla already and check if the planned coast-to-coast road trip was feasible on an all-electric vehicle. This is truly where the story begins and Marathon, Florida, was our first pitch-stop, or I should better say, our first super-charger stop.
My husband was the proverbial kid in a candy shop...

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