terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2015

Leaving Florida: DeFuniak Springs

On our way out of Florida, there was (as there had to be) a quick pitch stop at DeFuniak Springs. A quite rundown place that no amount of filters and cropping can begin to beautify. Neither can the pose of this here yours truly.
Until better knowledge, I get the impression you only go to DeFuniak if you must as in the case: you must because your batteries are kinda low and, hey, you need to get out of Florida. Also, a typical instance of my acting the Tesla-wife. Would I ever set foot in DeFuniak if Tesla hadn't made it to my life? Er... yep... I guess you've guessed...
For him it was another box ticked, though.
But ok, you have to give some credit to a place where the heat is so stiffling it acts as a natural vapoury filter (just check below to prove me right) and where the motto is that perennial epitome of originality "Where the past meets the future". Well, come to think of it, Tesla is, ideed, the future...

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