segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2015

Ocala and Lake City, Florida

Second supercharger in one day. Ocala, of its name and grace. We stop. We take the mandatory pictures. We're off. Still, the day is not over yet. No, Sir, it isn't.
Highway 75 and, a few hours later, jackpot (not for me, mind you). Just before sundown there's Lake City and the THIRD supercharger in one, single day. We stop. There are Teslas charging and, to my alarm, there's a Tesla owner in one of the Model Ss. No need to explain what followed...

Being a Tesla-wife is, I tell you, an exercise in patience.

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  1. Well it really was epic! That gentleman said "it is the only car I would buy again with no hesitation, and would even pay more!"
    I replied:
    "Shhhh, don't say that outloud! Elon might hear you!"
    His wife didn't let him test drive the P85D, afraid that he would go the "extra mile" :-) Quite quite a nice and informative conversation