terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

It was just a test-drive

He had done a Model S test drive somewhere in Europe. He said something about going to Belgium or Holland to test the car and I did not give it a moment's attention. I might have driven him to the airport (we live in Portugal) and that was my sole contribution for that Tesla-moment of his. But, it so happened we had holidays in the United States planned and I ventilated the thought of him asking for another test-drive in Miami and asking all questions he had not asked in Europe (he was considering ordering a Model X but there were no test-drives available because the car was not out in the market yet).
We arrived in Miami on a late Saturday evening. His test-drive was scheduled for the following Monday morning but, alas (alas, for me), right on Sunday morning we were at the shopping mall with the Tesla store and he, of course, had to go check where the Teslas were parked.
I..., I was the Tesla-wife taking the pictures and just wishing we might still have the time to do something else, go somewhere else on that glorious Sunday of Miami by the beach instead of being stuck inside some nondescript mall.

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  1. Our friend Flyer was the one suggesting a visit to the Miami Tesla store, from there Tesla people in Holland and USA helped arranging the right date, it was fun finally driving you in a Tesla :-)